House S.12

Private residence, Holsbeek. In progress.

Set in the green glowing landscape close to the city of Leuven (B.), this single-family home is designed to make full use of the wide views that the building plot offers. By being slightly tilted on the site’s flank and by placing the living areas on the top floor, whilst putting the sleeping and service areas on the lower level, this is created. An open living plan and large perforations also allow for daylight to peer deep into the center of the house. Elevated and withdrawn, the construction appears slender and light and ensures privacy for it users as much as it looks discrete in its appearance. Architectural influences gathered in Asia, combined with the use of local materials, will guarantee an exciting aesthetic dialogue and several juxtapositions, that will appear harmonious and coherent nonetheless. Made-to-measure, they reflect the personality of the clients.

Photos by Bart America